When your patio is where you live in the warmer months, consider a space with “all the bells and whistles.” Every appliance you have in your kitchen or bar area can be built in to a patio space as well. If there is something you want to include in your patio, don’t hesitate to ask! Pleasing the customer is what we do. We not only come up with a design that will make you want to stay out there well past sundown, but we’ll also work through the permit process for you to navigate the varying regulations required to make it all come together.


Your landscaping says a lot about who you are – at home or the office. Whether you are after a classic, formal, or modern layout, we can give your property the look that will make you feel comfortable, and guests excited to have arrived! Computer–aided designs and schematic drawings will help you to see the vision we have for your property. Call today for a free design!


Few things are as relaxing as kicking back at home and enjoying the sights and sounds of a professionally-installed water feature. The systems we offer are very low-maintenance, and will be enjoyed for many years to come. We can install ecosystem ponds, pondless streams and waterfalls, and stand alone statuary.


A great way to enhance your property is to install low-voltage landscape lighting. You’ll enjoy the look of a professionally design layout that will highlight the features of your home or office and the landscaping around it, while providing safety for residents and guests. Your wallet will also enjoy the benefits of stylish low-voltage fixtures, with energy consumption being only a small fraction of the cost of comparable 110-volt lights. A well-lit property also discourages criminals from singling out your property for their activities. Ask about our lifetime warranty!


The various pathways and entrances into your house or building can be real trouble spots that property owners have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether your concrete is settling or cracking up, the look is outdated, or water seems to be a recurring problem, let us help come up with a creative solution that will stand up to the elements and the test of time. With every type of paver and block imaginable available to us, we can transform what was an eyesore into a stylish place to move about.


Retaining walls are a common feature in many landscapes today, and unfortunately, oftentimes fail due to poor construction practices. If you are looking to repair, replace, or have a new wall installed on your property, be sure to hire a company with the knowledge of proper techniques needed for a long-lasting installation. Generally, poorly built walls cost more to repair than they did to install in the first place. Contact us, and you can be confident that your wall project will be standing tall for years to come, with a warranty to back it up! We can also help if you need to build a staircase on a slope in your yard.


Having trouble sinking those 4, 8 or 12 foot putts consistently out on the course? Chipping out of the sand or just off the green giving you the fits? One of the hottest trends in outdoor spaces today is synthetic putting greens. Low maintenance, realistic, and inexpensive, you’ll enjoy being able to walk out your door and practice whenever you have the time to – and sharing it with friends. Many other synthetic applications are available – including dog runs. Call and let us help you make your yard permanently green and mud-free.


The gallery contains pictures of our construction projects. Check back for updates.


Low-lying and persistently wet areas in the landscape can be breeding grounds for bugs, ugly, hard to maintain, and just plain annoying. If there is a solution, we can figure it out and help you to get rid of the problem.